Wrinkle In Time Vintage goes to MBFWA

The chronicles of our first romp into the world of fashion.

Toi Et Moi MBFWA show.

For me Toi et Moi was one of the shows that I was really, really looking forward to. As a pauper student it’s really nice, and not nearly as soul crushing, to see looks coming down the runway that I can actually afford. The Iconic teamed up with Toi et Moi to not only live stream the show for your viewing pleasure but also making every single piece from the runway available for immediate purchuse.

Overall the show was awesome, as much as I love seeing couture and high end pieces, I equally enjoy seeing things that are ready to wear. The whole collection was comprised of gorgeous seperates with a few dresses thrown in to even out the selection. The first look we saw was a gorgeous pant and cropped jacket combo in a stunning tangerine, talk about starting the show off with a bang! The palette remained in the neon spectrum for roughly half of the show, showcasing pieces in bright pops of citrus yellow, fuscia and chartreuse.

Eventually the collection moved into more of a neautral territory with many pieces featuring beautiful monochrome, gemotric prints. My personal favourite being the stunning white maxi skirt with black stripes layered over the top. The use of cute velvet accessories on throats, wrists and ankles was also a lovely touch and added to the Parisian vibe of the show, while hair was kept simple and eyes were painted in simple wing tip eyeliner.

Toi Et Moi as a brand is synonymous with Parisian chic, its wearability and always being on trend and the MBFWA show did a fantastic job of showcasing not only next seasons collection but the brand as a whole.

(Source: wrinkleintimevintage.blogspot.com)