Wrinkle In Time Vintage goes to MBFWA

The chronicles of our first romp into the world of fashion.

Bless’ed Are The Meek MBFWA Show.

A few days before the show I caught a snippet of someone’s conversation and suddenly became aware that the Bless’ed MBFWA show would kick off with a laser show. Obviously this peaked everyone’s excitement before we even began lining up, everyone was keen to see how the designers would incooparate the lasers and make them relevant to the collection.

It turned out the laser show was the perfect way to set the scene for the whole show, eerie blue lights scanned the room as the audience sat perfectly still and quiet, silent models floated out into the darkness as the blue beams moved up and down their bodies like some futuristic scene from Blade Runner. The models who walked all had eyes the size of dishes and cheek bones that could slice through diamonds, only adding to the alien feel of the show. Brows were whitened and hair was pulled back in wispy braids, the styling, hair and makeup were perfectly in tune with the production of the show and it only got better from there.

Pastels were heavily featured throughout as was a swirling blue and purple digital print, the silhouettes were light and breezy contrasting against the stiffness of the leather bondage harnesses. As the show progressed I realised the models were not in fact gorgeous alien creatures, but waifs from the depths of the ocean. Several pieces showed a shell pattern embroidered on the bust and combined with the watery palette and floaty shapes the ocean theme grew stronger and stronger.

The final piece that was sent down the runway and closed the show in spectacular fashion was a stunning floor length gown in the lightest of pinks. With a coral like headdress and ruffles resembling fins, it was not a stretch of the imagination to picture the model gracefully floating through the water towards a coral palace.

Overall I was incredibly impressed with the show, I thought the use of colour was on trend but interesting enough to separate them from the barrage of designers using pastels, the print was simple and used as a single motif throughout the entire show, silhouettes were floaty and lady like and the hair and makeup was perfection. Stunning show that did not disappoint.

(Source: wrinkleintimevintage.blogspot.com)