Wrinkle In Time Vintage goes to MBFWA

The chronicles of our first romp into the world of fashion.

Watson X Watson MBFWA Show

I was first introduced to the Watson X Watson brand at last years showings for Park Avenue PR, I was really impressed by the way the two Watson sisters, Liberty and Somer, took luxurious products and make them accessible for the everyday girl. 

I was incredibly excited to see their name pop up on the official schedule, and even more excited when I ran into Liberty on the escalators the day of and she invited me back stage for a peek (photos coming soon) It’s always nice getting to see the garments up close and personal, feel the fabric and truly be able to appreciate the quality and high standard to which it is made. Also it makes the experience of seeing the pieces walk down the runway on models all the more enjoyable.

The show was opened by designer favourite Rachel Rutt in what one of my friends described as a ‘Man Repeller’ vest, I think the all white outfit was a great way to kick start the show and from there they progressed into lighter pastels eventually making their way through the spectrum to some gorgeous electric blue pieces. Like many designers from MBFWA, the Watson sisters lent towards sports luxe showing tight, sporty shapes with tough and durable fabrics, of course they balanced out this harshness with softer pieces like one gown made entirely from pink, sequined material. I think overall the collection was a well balanced one that featured a bit of everything you could possibly need in your wardrobe. Looking at the pieces it’s hard to believe that Watson X Watson has only just ticked over their first year. Can’t wait to see what they do in the future.

(Source: wrinkleintimevintage.blogspot.com)